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Kristeen Quick

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My Story

Hello Hello!
My Name is Kristeen Quick, aka #ThatETxScentsyGirl!
I joined Scentsy, like most others, because I fell in love with the products (mainly laundry) and wanted the discount. I've never been a "salesman" so I just wanted the kickback discount. But soon I realized this business needed me as much as I needed it! I started posting about how much I loved the products, posting videos of how well our laundry and cleaning products worked without all the nasty chemicals, and BOOM! I developed a customer base and had people falling in love with the products too and loved even more watching their faces light up like a kid on Christmas every time they tried a new product and fell in love like the first time I did. I was truly helping people rid the toxic chemicals from their households, making their homes smell fresh and inviting, and also getting a paycheck here and there. Can't beat that, right?!
I've been in business with Scentsy since September 2020, but a customer since 2011-2012. And since then, Scentsy has BOOMED with the different products lines. We've always been known for warmers and wax, so we call those our "staple" products. But there's SO much more to this company. We have laundry, cleaning, kids, diffusers, oils, body, car stuff, home decor, and NOW we have an Air Purifier! How cool is that?! As you can tell, I'm super into Scentsy, and love all the products we offer for those who wanted more variety!

Awards earned:
Shooting Star 9/2020
Scentsational Start Level 1 9/2020
Scentsational start Level 2 9/2020
Scentsational Start Level 3 10/2020
Shooting Star Trainer 11/2020
10k Lifetime PRV 9/2021
Monthly Sales Award 11/2021
Shooting Star Trainer 11/2021
20k Lifetime PRV 6/2022
Monthly Sales Award 10/2022
30k Lifetime PRV 5/2023
Camping Chair Incentive Earner 7/2023

Welcome to my journey, and I can't wait to help you fill your life with nontoxic fragrance and rid your household of nasty chemicals in your cleaning and laundry products. And if you're ever interested in learning how I do what I do and want a piece of the income pie, you know wheer to find me ;)

Love your favorite #ETxScentsyGirl

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